Investing in Vintage Cars

It could be the car you always dreamt of owning or the one that you sold when life got in the way, but when you see it rolling down a city street, that moving time capsule of miraculous engineering and swoon-worthy looks, you’re sixteen again and you just have to have it!

The difference is, today you just might be able to afford to take it home.

If you’re thinking of investing in your automotive love-affair, there’s a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your pocketbook is as happy as your heart with the purchase.

When it comes to vehicles, the words “classic” “antique” “muscle car” “hot rod” or “vintage” would excite many car enthusiasts. Buying and o

wning these machines can be an entertaining hobby but it can also be a worthwhile investment.

Investing in Vintage Cars and Classic Collectibles

Vintage cars have a way of ingraining themselves into our memories and transport us back in time – whether it be to your first car from college, or one from a famous chase scene you’ve seen in a movie from the 60’s and 70’s.

These cars turn heads no matter where they go and who doesn’t love the sound of a 440 six pack or LS-6? I always say that there’s no replacement for displacement, which is why even grown men get weak at the sound of the drag-ready Chevy 427.

You deserve it. Life is short. You can’t take it with you and the kids don’t deserve it. Hell, you’re not getting any younger and, quite frankly, the value of your dream car isn’t gettin’ any cheaper. So when you make the decision to do it, there’s few things to keep in mind.

  1. Research the value of your dream car online. Websites such as Hagerty’s and Hemmings give perspective on the current market value of the vehicle you have your eye on.
  2. Consider purchasing a good driver, then finishing it your way. Do your research but finishing the car yourself a a reputable hot rod shop allows you to put your touch on colour, interior and audio.
  3. Get it inspected. Find a reputable expert and make sure that she’s not a three dressed as a nine with a quick and dirty paint job covering years of sins.
  4. Spend some time on your knees. When you buy a car you should spend as much time looking at the underside as the topside. Look for signs of fiberglass, rust, crappy workmanship such as budging pinch welds or unfinished body filler repair.
  5. I always recommend doing a compression check on the motor, because you want to make sure they didn’t just overhaul the engine with a can of spray paint.

Life is too short to not treat yourself and own the car of your dreams. So, make the right decision, get yourself the vintage, hot rod or muscle car you’ve always wanted. And when you do, make sure take the steps ensure that your hot rod, and your investment, lasts long enough to be passed on to the next generation!