What Does Your Car Say About You?

How many times in a year do you catch yourself staring at a beautiful car, like a customized hot rod or a newly restored vintage car, wondering who the owner is, or imagining yourself owning and driving that car? According to a study conducted by AAA foundation for traffic safety, Americans spend an average of more than 17,600 minutes driving every year.

It’s safe to say we spend enough time in our vehicles to consider it a significant part of our personal well-being and a major part of our daily life. If a home says a lot about a person, so does our car, and first impressions go a very long way.

Purchasing a vehicle is a very important decision, as we use them hours on end each year. You want to be comfortable and safe while driving your vehicle. But you want to enjoy driving and should look forward to spending time in your car, along with feeling confident with what your car says about you.

What Does Your Car Say About You - 360 FabricationThere are so many customizable parts to a car, that you can create your own version of any car that you want. From paint jobs, rims, body kits, spoilers, exhaust manifolds and everything under the hood to customizing your dashboard, upholstery, seats and sound system; you can create the most comfortable cruiser you ever dreamed of.

Classic cars, hot-rods, muscle, antique, vintage, and modern-day cars all have their own unique design and style, but it’s the owner and the person driving it who shapes the way that type of vehicle is perceived. For the amount of time we spend in our vehicles, customization is a great investment to ensure that the vehicle we are driving makes us feel comfortable and confident.

You never know how far that first impression may take you. Your vehicle says a lot about who you are, and you never know who is paying attention

Consider the vehicle you have now. Are you happy with it? Is there something your car is missing that you really want? Take the time, research options and start working on your dream car. And when you’re ready to start the upgrade, remember that 360 Fabrication can create and transform your current vehicle into the car of your dreams.



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