Custom vs Collector

One of the toughest parts of owning a collector car is keeping it in mint condition and maintaining its fresh off the line look and parts. Traditionalists love the all-stock look, while hot rod enthusiasts and customizers want the style of a vintage car with the advanced performance and modern-day touches customization afford.

Manual windows, original dashboard, carpet, and seats kept in pristine condition can be rare and definitely reflect the vintage aesthetic that many collectors pursue. But if you have the vintage car of your dreams and are looking for a little contemporary flare, customizing your ride may be right for you.

Vintage car customization has become more familiar as auto fabricators like 360 Fabrication, leaders in the space, have the ability to completely remodel and ensure that the functionality fits the feel of your car. What if you could have the vintage car look on the outside, and modern technology on the inside? You could design your own interior to have exactly what you want and make your drive that much more enjoyable.

After all, this is where you spend the most time, why not design it to your liking? Whether you’re installing heated seats, power windows, a stealth stereo, an illuminated dashboard, new upholstery, an alarm system or Bluetooth technology, the list goes on and on! You can have the vintage car of your dreams, all the state of the art amenities you want, and make your ride as smooth and comfortable as possible.

These unique customizations can provide you with a completely new passion for your vintage car. When you are cruising down the highway, heads will still turn at your vintage car, providing the same reaction it had decades ago.

New technology also provides a much safer drive with all of the interior advancement that automotive companies have made over the last few decades. Bluetooth (hands free) calling and radio controls, power brakes and steering are just a few elements that also provide you with a much safer, and more comfortable drive. 360’s audio division also can install a stealth alarm system that will allow you to track your prized ride if it gets stolen, a feature that will prove to be an invaluable tool in recovering your car in the event of theft. 360’s team of technicians can install both the stereo and the alarm without cutting your dash and changing the original look of your vintage console.

Everybody will always have their own opinion on what they think the perfect car looks like, but to really get everything you ever wanted in a car, you will probably have to make some customizations, which is why 360 Fabrication is the perfect place to go. Your vehicle is a great way to express your personality – anything you can think of, their team can handle it. Bring your dream car to life and never look back.