Custom Cars

At 360 Fabrication Inc. we can provide “Full Restoration and Custom Vehicle Builds” services no matter what the project is. Only 360 Fabrication Inc. can make this claim in Western Canada; we are the only complete facility that does the entire project under one roof. Our team of certified automotive professionals will tear down your project, replace and repair parts, rebuild and restore the body and finally re-assemble the vehicle to ‘Better-than-new-quality’ condition.

After each of 360 Fabrication Inc. projects has been stripped clean and all metal repaired it’s time to go to our auto body shop. Our team spends hours adjusting and blocking door gaps, fitting bumpers and trim. You will be left with the fit and finish that you can only get at 360 Fabrication Inc. Since we only want to use the best materials for your restoration or custom build, 360 Fabrication Inc. uses BASF & R-M line of paints, premium epoxies and fillers. The final result will exceed all expectations and will be a conversation piece at any cruise-in or show.

Our attention to detail will ensure your ride will have the finish that you are expecting.

The majority of the ‘restored collector or custom cars’ available to buy were built specifically to make the seller profit. These cars are rarely done with the attention, care or quality that they deserve. We have seen a number of ‘ground-up complete restorations or builds’ that have had to be completely re-done in order to get them to the quality level you as the owner expect when you buy a car of that level. Low-quality products and cutting corners to increase profit is why a lot of these cars come with a lot of serious problems.

Why Restore or Build a Custom Car at 360 Fabrication Inc.?

  • You set the budget and what work you would like us to focus on. As the owner of the car you have full control of what repairs, replacements, and fabrications done to your custom build.
  • A fully documented restoration from a well-known shop will give you the biggest return on investment when getting the vehicle appraised and then to resale if you wish.
  • With a staff of 35+ we are able to complete your build or restoration in a shorter time frame than other competitor restoration shops.
  • If you are already enjoying a custom or collector vehicle, but the years are starting to show. You may want to refinish the exterior, the interior, restore trim, upgrade components, or have some other work you need done. Having a company like 360 Fabrication Inc. that has the experience and knowledge to do so will save you from possible problems down the road.
  • When you are in control of the build from start to finish and are free to make changes to the car at any time. Everything from additional comforts, to modernizations and customizations, will all be made available to you.