Hot Rods Customization

Hot-rods have been one of the most unique and talked about vehicles around, dating back to the early 1900’s. Their narrow bodies and wide-wheel based design with big engine assembly coming out of the hood is the typical “classic hot-rod” design, but as the years have gone by, many other accessories and designs have been incorporated in the customization of these gorgeous vehicles. Many hot-rods are older “vintage” cars that have changed their body types and a much more powerful engine has been added. These cars were designed for racing and high-speed highway driving. It’s safe to say that hot-rods are built like no other car.

In the early stages of hot-rods, the goal was to buy a roadster vehicle because it was the lightest. You would then strip it down, eliminating all of the parts that weighed the car down (the hood, headlights, fenders etc.), modify the engine or replace the factory engine, find an open road and race!

A Hot-rod is a specific kind of vehicle, and with all the potential moderations and parts that can be included, you can easily customize the car to fit your needs. Although hot-rods are fast and beautiful vehicles, be prepared to spend a lot of time on them. Hot-rods do require [fun!] work, and you will be spending significant time and money with the general upkeeping of and tinkering with your car. Hot Rod Customization

360 Fabrication has worked on hundreds of hot-rods, and no two hot-rods have ever been the same. Each project has been different, whether it was the owner, the budget, the type of hot-rod, or the customization. With so many customizable options to choose from, you can build your car however you want it. Hot-rods are so different from muscle, vintage and antique cars, that every project requires with a new approach.  

When buying a hot-rod, it’s best to look online and do your research. You want to know as much as you can before jumping into it, as it is a big investment. There are no specific dealerships locally to the Lower Mainland, which makes car clubs and auto shows intriguing areas to see these cars up close and inquire. There are some standard driving regulations that apply to hot-rods, as they are built much differently than a standard car, so be sure to customize your vehicle wisely. Hot-rod customization is a work of art- something people can completely design and customize, different from any other car, which is what makes these cars less common and that much more intriguing when you see one. Although these cars are meant for high speeds, their handling is not what they are known for, and it is preferred to race or drive them at high speeds on linear tracks.